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How to pay

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Payment

We currently like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for Payments. Its is quick and has the cheapest clearing cost

Please put these details of YOURS as a reference for us to track your payment more easily (1) Amount paid in ( BitCoIn Cash BCH/AED cash); (2) Email address (Dubaiallescorts / Registeration); (3) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address or Bank Reference and (4) Date and Time (approximate) of Payment.

Your can buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with most Cryto Accounts or Exchanges from companies such as Skrill, Coinbase, Binance, Etoro, Rain, etc.

1.You need Your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Account or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) App - (Bitcoin Cash - BCH - Wallet), such as this


2. You need Our Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address :- Please login into your account to get Our bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address here:Account Payments or get an alternative way to pay.

3. Go to your Bitcoin Cash Account or Bitcoin Cash App (Bitcoin Cash Wallet) and pay to our Bitcoin Cash Address or scan our QR code to get the our Bitcoin Cash Address. Select your currency and Adjust the amount to pay to us.

4.Send us an email to payments@dubaiallescorts.com with the Amount you paid (Bitcoin Cash/AED Cash), your Bitcoin Cash Address/Bank reference number, Date/Time of payment, and your dubaiallescorts.com email in your email to us as a reference to identify your payment.

Your Dubaiallescorts (dubaiallescorts.com) money account balance (Pack) will be credited with the money as soon as possible.

See you balance here after logging in: https://dubaiallescorts.com/payment/pack/

We current receive payment through our Bitcoin Cash Address as it costs a few cents to process for you and is quick - through your Bitcoin Cash BCH Account and Bitcoin Cash App (Bitcoin Cash BCH Wallet).

Please Make sure you double check our Bitcoin Cash Address before paying. You can also do a test payment for smaller amount for us to confirm it by email

Email us at payments@dubaiallescorts.com for an alternative such as a payment link - more expensive generally.
If you want to pay by International Bank Transfer, please email us and we will send you an email with the details: IBAN and BIC required for International payments - more expensive.

Note: The symbol for Bitcoin Cash is BCH.

Your can buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from several places using Cards, Bank payments, etc. from Exchanges , Brokers and App Wallets:
1. Skrill Money Transfer service. Skrill allows buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH), United Arab Dihrams( AED), Euros, etc. as one of the currencies using Debit, Credit and Charge cards.
2. Exchanges (digital) such as Etoro (International), Coinbase (International|), Binance (International), Kraken (International) Kraken, Rain(Middle East) etc. Exchanges (digital) sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You need to register with your Photo Id (passport, drivers license, etc.) and address (Bills, Agreements, etc.) for most Exchanges to stop fraud or stolen cards.
3. Apps Wallets (Andriod/Apple/PC) allows buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from within the Apps. App Wallets allowing fund/buying of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) require registering and proofs of Identification (picture ID) and Residency (address ID). Such Apps include Bit.com Bit.com, Coinbase, Bianance, Exodus Exodus, Metamask Metamask, etc.