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Posting Rules

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for everyone using Dubaiallescorts (dubaiallescorts.com). Learning what's allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone have a great experience.

Posting an Advert on Dubaiallescorts - (dubaiallescorts.com)

Advertisements that do not comply with our Terms will be removed from our Website. This list is not exhaustive and Dubaiallescorts reserves the right to remove any advertisement without warning or other notification. Any advertisement we suspect of being spam or fraudulent will be blocked/removed.


Images to use are lingerie, beach wear, night wear but not showing genitals (Private Parts). A ladies/men under wear catalogue is a good standard of acceptable Image.

The following is forbidden on Dubaiallescorts (dubaiallescorts.com):

•Posting of multiple advertisements whose content is identical or similar. You may only post a maximum of one advertisement for the same item or service per local area.

•Proposal of several goods or services in the same advertisement that are not related.

•Publishing an advertisement that is too short or ambiguous. This could result in an advertisement being classified as spam.

•Posting an ad whose purpose is regulated or prohibited by law.

•Using the details (name, phone number, mailing address, email, photos, etc) of someone else without their permission or providing false contact details.

•Revealing elements of a private nature or violating the privacy of any person or company (including the publication of faces or signatures).

•Copying information posted by another user

•Publishing content that infringes physical or intellectual property rights.

•Disturbing the activity of any other user.

•Assuming the identity of Dubaiallescorts and/or its employees.

•Publishing an advertisement in the wrong category or subcategory.

•Children: Only adults are allowed to use this Website. Use of this Website is prohibited to anyone under the age of maturity(non adults).

•Including a high rate premium rate phone number ( high rate non standard phone numbers) in an advertisement.

•Publishing an advertisement with the purpose of advertising Websites or services similar to Dubaiallescorts.

•Promoting a website (you can only include a link on your advertisement if it provides more information about the original advertisement).

•Promoting or advertising gifts, sweepstakes or other prizes.

•Making remarks that are false, racist, bigoted, defamatory, profane, hateful, abusive, pornographic, obscene or of any inappropriate nature (left to our interpretation/discretion).

•Any advertisement or message containing a virus or other contaminating or destructive agent that prevents the proper operation of this site or access to this site by our users.

We recommend you purchase/make a VIP or Premium advertisement if you wish more views of you advertisement. For more information of VIP and Premium Advertisements please see here: https://dubaiallescorts.com/moreviews_vippremium-p45.

General rules

•1 card per person (bank card should belong to the advertiser).

•1 account per person.

•1 advertisement per person unless agency (same person can have multiple advertisements, same advertisement cannot have multiple people).

•Card should be local based and cards are enabled.

•Advertisements that are too short or ambiguous.

•Should we find abuse of features available on the Website, Dubaiallescorts has the right to take action.

•High rate Premium rate numbers is not allowed to be used on the Website.

•Images must be genuine. Any fake photos identified will be removed from the advertisement. Dubaiallescorts reserves the right to request identification for verification.

•Advertisements can take some time to be publish due to checking of Images.

•All advertisements of adult or sexual nature have to be posted within any of the available 18+ categories such as Escorts.

•No phone number in the title – as people often copy links and whatsapp links that do not work into this. A dedicated Whatsapp app link has a specific area.

•Your Dubaiallescorts emails (login email) should not be included anywhere within the advertisement or Your user profile. Hacker can use it to hack your account.

•If a paid advertisement(Premium, VIP and Banner) does not meet our Terms and condition, Dubaiallescorts has the right to reject a refund.


The following are prohibited to be advertised with specific reference to the Escorts category:

•Offering services that give a sense of prostitution, human trafficking or any other type of illegal work.

•We do not allow use of sexual toys to be demonstrated.

•We do not allow more than 1 girl in an image unless it's a duo service.

•Advertisements that contain images of private parts ( penis, vagina, etc).

•Advertisements that contain images of full nudity and sexual or suggestive positions.

•Genital Images such as Penis, Vagina, etc images are not allowed.

Escorts need to include a picture.

The following are prohibited to be advertised with specific reference to the Escorts category:

•Escort agencies must be established and include details such as URL, Phone Numbers, etc in the advertisement.

•Escort services advertisement should be posted in Escorts.

•We will not accept advertisements by the Websites users seeking escort services.

•We will not accept advertisement by people seeking adult work.